Satish Mistry

It was a great experience

8 May 2021 | HWE Organizer | 192

Another reviewer mentioned this, but the offset between the stem (rotation point of the caster) and the wheel hub (center of the wheel) is so great that when trying to maneuver my chair forward / backward / left / right, oftentimes I just get stuck, only able to move the chair in whatever direction the casters are currently aligned for. They will not rotate about the stem, presumably due to the significant offset. In addition, due to the offset, they also had some give, making the stem be 5-10 degrees off of 90deg (vertical). Granted, I am 6’4 and 250lbs, my chair is a gaming chair of sorts, supporting 550 lbs with a 28″ base… so neither myself nor my chair are light or small.

I really purchased these for the locking feature, as my floor is “Luxury” Vinyl Tile and with my original casters I had a tendency to roll away when reclining or readjusting in my chair. I assume the large (to me) offset is due to accommodating the locking feature, which results in a diminished ability to actually move the chair. Due to the size of my chair, I also didn’t find engaging the locking feature to be very easy since the casters are more under my chair seat as opposed to out where my feet are. In the end, I’d rather be able to move the chair than be able to lock casters.

Seems like the best thing for me is a caster that actually does NOT glide super easy and has minimal offset. I doubt many manufacturers would advertise such a product, however 🙂 For the 4 days, I had these casters installed, they did roll extremely smooth, to the point I could literally glide all the way across the floor in whatever direction the casters were aligned for. They just didn’t rotate well about my chair base. I’m sure that if you are smaller than me then these would work better for you.



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